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Why get a flu vaccine?











Even healthy, young adults can get the flu, and it can be very serious.

This year and every year, get vaccinated against the flu. It could save a life.

Ashley’s story


Ashley McCormick was a 23-year-old nanny. She came home from work on

December 20, 2013, with a runny nose, sore throat, and headache. The next day she had a high fever and went to urgent care. Her positive flu result came too late for Ashley to be treated. She started to feel better, but on Christmas her fever was 103.8 degrees. The next day she went to the emergency room with pneumonia. Ashley had H1N1 flu and quickly became very sick. On December 27, Ashley died from the flu.

Ashley’s life may have been saved if she had been vaccinated.


Concept adapted with permission from Texas Children’s Hospital.

Ask The Mccormick Family of Michigan

The Ashley Mccormick Flu Foundation has partnered with the Michigan Health Department and Oakland University to promote Flu Shots and provide them to College students.

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