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Ashley was 23 years old. She worked as a nanny for a family with 3 small children. She came home from work and said she didn’t feel well, she had a headache, cold symptoms and a fever.  The next day she went to an urgent care, they told her they thought she had the flu, gave her some nose drops and Motrin and they did a flu test. Two days later they called her and said that she had Type A Flu, and it had been too late for Tamiflu. She continued to have cold symptoms, but a few days later on Christmas she felt worse and her fever was very high. She was taken to the hospital, they said she had pneumonia, and she got sicker and sicker, they tried everything, life support and ECMO but she died.   Now we want everyone to hear her story and share it with everyone they know. If Ashley had gotten a Flu Shot, she would be alive today! No one should lose their life to a disease that can be prevented with a shot.

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